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At CannaPack Solutions, Inc. we have developed the only pharmaceutical vial of its kind, the CannaVault.

The CannaVault meets all Health Canada's Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (M.M.P.R.). The CannaVault is
the most effective and secure system for packaging, labelling, shipping and storing of your delicate Cannabis flowers.
The CannaVault is ergonomically designed with a wide opening to accomodate easy filling/removal of any strain of cannabis.


The CannaVault is made of fully recyclable polypropylene.

Recloseable & Child Resistant as prescribed
by the Canadian Food & Drug Regulations.

Takes a fraction of the space of conventional
cylindrical pharmaceutical vials.
Advantageous for shipping and storage.

Extra strength to safeguard the delicate
herbs from being damaged during transit.

The CannaVault can accomodate any strain
without crushing any of the delicate flowers.

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